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  • 日本が好きだから永住したい。

    I love Japan and I want to live in Japan for good.

  • 母国から家族を呼び寄せたい。

    I want to invite my family from home to live in Japan with me.

  • 在留資格の更新や変更がしたい。誰に頼もう…。

    I want to change the types of visa or extend my visa. Who should I ask for?

  • 外国人を雇用したいけれどどうすればいい?

    We want to hire foreigners. What should we do?



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7. July, 2023.
We are so grateful that we found Amie-san to help us with our immigration needs. She was dependable, knowledgeable, very dedicated to her work, and was always quick to respond (even after hours!). She was professional, yet so warm and personable that after the paperwork was submitted and we stopped messaging each other, I found that I really missed chatting with her. My husband and I got approved quicker than expected, and we could not have done it without Amie-san. We will be needing help with other immigration matters in the future so we will definitely ask Amie-san to help us once again. 感謝します
Neftalí Jovel
Neftalí Jovel
21. May, 2023.
I would highly recommend Amie Immigration Law Office for anyone who needs help navigating Japan's immigration processes. My circumstances were unusual (details below) but Ami was full of compassion and respect. She genuinely went above and beyond to ensure that my visa change status was successfully approved. I needed to take an extended break from work in order to help my aging parents. Unfortunately, family leave wasn't an option for me so I needed a change in visa in order to be able to continue living in Japan while traveling to my parents' home country. My marriage isn't recognized in Japan so I can't get a spouse visa, but there is a designated activities visa that is available, although very rare and with no established guidelines. I contacted several law offices who mostly tried to convince me to try a different route, such as getting permanent resident status and delaying helping my parents for however long it took to get PR approved. Ami put together a strategy for submitting a strong case and did not give up when immigration officials were unsure of how to proceed and reluctant to accept the application. It was approved much more quickly than either of us anticipated, and I'm now free to help my parents without the stress and fear that I won't be able to continue my life in Japan with my spouse.
Shoko Takahashi
Shoko Takahashi
25. April, 2023.
Ito Amie’s services allowed my husband’s and my visa process to run very smoothly without complications or delays. Amie was very supportive and answered all of our questions regarding necessary documents for the COE that was needed to work and live in Japan, bringing pets into Japan and etc.
Carmen Buchanan
Carmen Buchanan
2. April, 2023.
I am very thankful to Mrs. Ito for her help and support with my change of residence status. She was able to provide her services in English (my preferred language) and was very quick to reply to any inquires. I was unable to meet her at her office due to the distance and my busy schedule but she was flexible by using Zoom and e-mail as needed to overcome those challenges. Mrs. Ito was always professional and helpful. She adviced us on what documents were needed and supported us through the whole process. She worked quickly and efficiently. Thanks to her, everything went smoothly and I was able to successfully change my residence status. I highly recommend her for any immigration needs.
31. March, 2023.
Amie san is very friendly and knowledgeable lawyer , and she brings good luck with unexpected surprises ❤️ I’m very thankful and happy 😊 highly recommend to foreigners in Japan.
Mihoko Masuda
Mihoko Masuda
26. March, 2023.
伊藤様には主人のCOE(在留資格認定証明書)取得のお手伝いをお願いしました。 American Citizenの主人の永住帰国には諸々のハードルがあり、こちらの弁護士に相談したものの暗中模索状態で途方にくれておりました。 そんな時に偶然にも伊藤様のサイトを知りました。今思えば本当にラッキーでした。 大変良心的で解りやすいご指導、そしてどんな些細な事にでも必ず即座に返答をくださるそんな丁寧でスピーディなご対応がとても有り難かったです。お陰様で不慣れな事にも安心して臨む事ができました。 COEが無事取得できた今、伊藤様には最後まで親身にヘルプしていただき心から感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。本当に有難うございました。
Daniel Mechea
Daniel Mechea
23. March, 2023.
I had the pleasure of working with Amie on getting my lump sum tax return sorted. She was very helpful in guiding me through the process and assisting me whenever I had questions. Overall the service was excellent and I highly recommend it.
Toshi Kawag
Toshi Kawag
21. March, 2023.
It was a pleasure working with Amie. She helped me with my citizenship application. She had a great deal of working knowledge. Be that as it may, each case is unique, and inevitably something unknown pops up. Amie handled such unique "first-time" issues expertly and promptly, which was very reassuring to me that Amie was there to help. Much appreciated!
LRG Ryan (LRGRyan)
LRG Ryan (LRGRyan)
13. March, 2023.
I received fast and professional service. Absolutely top tier. I would recommend Ami to any of my friends that require help with their visa process and I will use her services again in the future.


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Amie Immigration Law Office

代表行政書士 申請取次行政書士   伊藤 亜美   Ami Ito
所在地 〒263-0043
電話番号(直通) 090-5313-5819
営業時間 平日 9:00-17:00
業務内容 在留資格認定証明書交付申請・更新・変更、永住申請、帰化申請、翻訳・通訳
対応地域 東京都・千葉県を中心に全国対応


・高校生に英語を約10年以上指導 TOEIC 970点 国連英検A級

・2021年8月~2023年5月 千葉県行政書士会国際部部員
・2023年6月~      千葉県行政書士会理事 国際部担当理事・申請取次行政書士監理委員会委員





Having lived overseas, I understand the challenges of living and working in different cultures. With a desire to assist foreigners who want to live and work in Japan, as well as companies looking to hire foreigners, I obtained the qualification of a administrative scrivener.

When it comes to visas (residence statuses), there are currently 29 different types. Moreover, even within the same type of visa, the required documents and the points to emphasize to the immigration authorities vary based on the client's background and circumstances. In our office, as a certified administrative scrivener, I personally conduct thorough consultations, closely communicate with the clients, and understand their situations. Based on this understanding and utilizing legal knowledge, we propose the best possible approach and create the most effective documents to secure approval. To achieve this, we limit the number of cases we take on, guaranteeing sufficient time and focus for every individual client.

The name of our office, "Amie," means "friend" in French, and my name is also derived from this word. I aspire to create an office that embodies the meaning of this word - approachable like a friend, where clients can comfortably consult and entrust their concerns, ultimately finding resolution.

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